Whether you’re selling, or renting your timeshare, you’ll want to know that the finances involved are handled in a secure, impartial, and professional manner that ensures a smooth closing.


At AA FINANCIAL TRUST SERVICES, takes team approach to heart! Our hard work and dedication stands out, why struggle when you can have a team of professionals on your side of the bench seeking prompt closure to your negotiation.

We stand by the highest degree of standards matched with leading-edge technology to bring you the most versatile user-friendly service on the market. Our work procedures are easy to follow and keep you in control, making your transaction a matter of time and not a cluster of worry. Confident closing is what every client demands from their service providers. AA Financial Trust Services takes pride in our deep-rooted principles and steep code of ethics. We adhere to local mandated laws and regulations, keeping you safe and your transactions on time. 

In a competitive market it's Imperative you receive honest, truly impartial service. AA Financial Trust Services vows to keep our clients first, while rendering the best service attainable. Our craftsmanship shines when we get on the grind, whether you're on the selling or buying end you can count on us to successfully carry you to the finish line.

our first-class team of experts are here to provide the highest level of customer service. As a neutral third-party, you can depend on our professional licensed Brokers to work for both sides of the transaction with the most integrity, maintaining the strictest confidentiality while wrapping everything up in a timely manner. Our diverse range of customers trust us repeatedly for their various needs, because of our wealth of experience and a proven record of accomplishment of efficient and reliable service.



 Here at AA Financial Trust Es, we find that a straightforward approach is the right approach.  We serve our clients by keeping these values close at heart.

We provide the best consulting services. Successfully selling your vacation property and AVOIDING SCAMS:

Buying/selling your vacation membership can be comparable to buying/selling a home, by the fact that you can choose to venture into unknown waters or you can solicit a real estate professional’s expertise, licensed to get the job done. Choosing a broker will not just give you the edge in completing your vacation property goals, you will be putting dedication, experience, and convenience on your side of the table. They adhere to a standard of ethics and professionalism required by their licensing authorities. Expertly applying pricing on knowledge based from comparable sales comes with the package; you can also expect the use of appropriate contracts and a helping hand every inch of the way to the successful completion of your transaction.

Nine out of ten transactions we close yield a positive result from both our buying and selling parties. Keeping up and implementing high degrees of excellence can be very demanding, and in the long run, will show you who's who and what they can really offer. We keep our standards straight forward. Give the best service! Good just doesn't cut it anymore. Our professionals are in constant upgrade and improvement mode, we back and train them with the best corporate advisors in the field giving you the degree of excellence you deserve. We approach each and every transaction as a group effort, assuring your negotiations are on time every time.